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PMO team

Professional PMO team ensures the scientific management and efficient delivery of automation and digital projects; at the same time, it provides strong support for the company's process construction, management reform, and strategy implementation


● Oriented by project goals and digital indicators

● Precise analysis, overall management, and efficient operation

● Promote the continuous improvement of organizational performance


System construction

System construction

● Passed ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification

● Passed ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management System Certification

Process construction

Exclusive process construction

● CTQ parts management process

● Active supplier coaching and management process

● FAT management process

● Quick response process for design changes

● The management process of parts delivery

● Packaging management process

Team building

Team building

Over 60 quality personnel

● Team quality capability:

● 6 Sigma

● Five tools

● QE degree: 80% bachelor degree



WeChat scan online consultation

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