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Group advantages

Two industrial groups, Panshi Precision Machinery and Panshi Intelligent, have a research and development team formed by senior experts who have been focusing on the development of precision mechanisms for 15 years. They have strong research and development capabilities. They are formed with Shenzhen as the center and have production and processing in Hunan and Dongguan. The base, after years of accumulation of technology and experience, provides customers with faster, lower cost, and more mature industrial automatic intelligent equipment/production lines and services.


  • ● Panshi Precision Machinery: Professional production, intelligent manufacturing   Non-standard machine customization

CNC machining center machine  |  Gantry machining center machine | Turning and milling compound machine 

| Five-axis, horizontal machining center machine |  Drilling and tapping machine, engraving and milling machine | Profile

Machine | Extrusion die center machine | Single and double-head CNC spark machine


  • ● Panshi Intelligent: Vision Mounting Assembly and Packaging Equipment  FA Intelligent Factory Automation Equipment Development

Standardized testing machine  | AOI testing machine  | Special-shaped plug-in machine 

| Special-shaped backlight automatic hemming machine |  High-speed glue dispenser

| FA intelligent non-standard automation equipment such as precision laminating machine


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